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CrowdChange for Campuses

CrowdChange helps Greek life leaders enhance chapter philanthropy with new custom philanthropy websites. We unite campus philanthropy events on one centralized platform, with features that help students raise more money, save time, and increase engagement for their events.

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Why work with CrowdChange

Unite your chapters’ philanthropy events on one centralized platform
Give chapters an easy way to start custom fundraisers and team events in minutes
Raise more money with our features specific to campus events

Snapchat us for bonus donations!

How does this work?

Every donor is given a unique "CrowdChange Caption" and when a donor sends us a Snapchat with that caption, a corporate sponsor will donate a bonus $1 to your fundraiser.

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Online Donations through Social Media


Offered across all digital platforms, from desktop to mobile

Custom Fundraisers

Chapters can start custom fundraisers and team - based events in minutes


We create the tickets and email them out automatically


Leverage our
Snapchat feature

CrowdChange's Crowdfunding Platform


Unite your chapters’ philanthropy events
on one platform


Promote on CrowdChange’s social media channels, including Snapchat


Showcase your philanthropy work to managers or community members


Contact us to learn more about pricing. We are very proud of the fact that the annual cost of having your own custom CrowdChange site is just $250. This gives chapters across all councils unlimited use of the site.